Depth of Feeling

Ode to Robert Frost

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is one of my favorite poems.  There is a sense of loneliness captured in those four stanzas that capture a lifetime of living.  Most of the poetry I’ve written doesn’t necessarily rhyme or follow a pattern.  But I’m so impressed with Frost’s ability to express so much within those confines, I had to try it.

Honestly, I don’t like what I’ve produced.  But I wanted to throw it out there and get some constructive criticism from those who are smarter than I am.  So please send me you criticism.  Positive, negative, indifferent.  I’d appreciate anything.

d. 2. oban



Ode to Robert Frost

Ode to Robert Frost
Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

And I also have miles to go,
Before my worries I can stow
Sorrow in this forest runs deep
‘Massing at my feet as the snow.

No horse’s company to keep
Alone, the solitude I reap
I reflect on what I have sown
As the fingers of dawn do creep.

Rising sun expose that not shown
What sin have I to those I’ve known
Under shadow self elegy
Pride and reliance of my own.

Is it all lack of empathy?
Or friend become an enemy?
Does it even matter to me?
Does it even matter to me?