We are all…

Water 1We are all molecules of water, holding hands on a sub atomic level
rushing towards a waterfall, that will pass us from potential energy to, what?

Sand 1We are all grains of sand on beach, part of something bigger and more
Beautiful than a sing speck of metamorphic rock, broken down through time and stress.

Stars 1We are all stars in the night sky, a menagerie of heat, light, and hope
One in a number too high to count to.

Water 1But some of us are atomized going over the waterfall,
Turning to mist, being carried off by the wind.

Sand 1And others become stuck to the bottom of the young child’s foot,
To be brought home from his holiday, in the crevice of a shoe

Stars 1We are so far apart that one can only see our beauty from a vantage,
In which many of us are dead before the light from our lives is received by the observer.

Water 1The end to which we rush is tumultuous.  Frothy with change, and unknowing.
For those at the bottom have never returned to tell those at the top what to expect.

Sand 1Our beauty is in our numbers, but our desire is to be one, to be heard,
To be seen.  To make a difference as an individual.

Stars 1The lives we live may make a difference, to the satellites in our orbit,
But the light we shine into space may go unnoticed while we have the strength to shine it.

There is no power in a single molecule of water.  A single grain of sand is grit, and irritation.  A single star is too far away to be meaningful to another.

Can man drink a single molecule of water?  Can God build landfall from a single grain of sand?  Does the sun concern itself with the trivialities of electromagnetic fields on Earth?

The great paradox thus becomes:
To peak on our personal arc of achievement and purpose, we need the greater good,
But the greater good does not concern itself with the success of the individual.