My Spirit Animal

It was a cold morning in the desert.  Riding my bike to the bus stop, my brain was churning to keep warm.  In a minor creative flash during general ruminations about things I can never change, I worked through the algorithm to describe myself as an animal. This animal may or may not come up in future posts.  Anyway, I came up with a dinosaur as the best way to describe myself.  My perception of dinosaurs is entirely based on Jurassic Park, and so to paleontologists who are following, I’m sorry.

The dinosaur says many things about me.  What I wanted it to say was that I was primitive, could only think of things in terms of absolutes, and could only see objects if they were moving.  Jessi, EnergyBall and Little Miss Manners would also agree on this as my spirit animal, but more because it’s a reflection of the speed I drive, how loud I yell, and my ability to use technology (if anything on this site looks good, it’s all Jessi, I couldn’t even log on this morning).

Poe-tae-toe, Poe-tah-toe.



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